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   "An interior designer's ultimate responsibility must be to the people who occupy the spaces. No rooms can be successful unless they are used, lived in, and cherished."  

                                                               —Todd Black

T W Black Inc was established in 2003. Principal designer Todd Black's core principle is to guide clients through the complicated landscape of creating a comfortable, cohesive, and beautiful interior. "Every project is unique in design, just as every client is a unique personality. Each interior's success hinges on the marriage of the two." Color, scale, and comfort are all vital aspects of the firm's design philosophy.

Working with architects, contractors, and a cadre of specialists, T W Black manages each project with seamless expertise and precision. No detail is insignificant. With a passion for detail, T W Black Inc creates designs that are marked by craftsmanship and beauty, excellence and originality, but in the end, ultimately a home imbued with comfort.

With degrees in Fine Art and English Literature from Franklin & Marshall College, as well as a Master's degree in the History of European Decorative Arts from the Cooper Hewitt Museum, Black has worked on projects as diverse as a Moroccan-inspired home in Florida, a farmhouse in Vermont, beach homes in Southampton, as well a multitude of apartments in Manhattan — all with differing and distinct aesthetics.

Named as one of House Beautiful's top 100 Designer in America, Black's work has been published in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, The New York Times, and numerous other shelter magazines. T W Black continues to create and evolve with each new client, each new project. Design isn't a vacuum; design is an ever-evolving process. "Over the years, I have learned that what is important in an interior is who is living in it."

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